500 Startups

Episode 9: Are good leaders born or made? How I learnt to manage- with 500 Startup's Matt Lerner

Matt Lerner, London Distro Parnter of world's largest VC fund- 500 Startups- talks us through his experiences on learning how to manage people & creating extraordinary growth. Highlighted topics we discuss:

1. The secrets to becoming a great manager

2. What's a more effective way to guide your businesss- by human feeling or by numbers?

3. The types of people he invests in

GeekGirl Meetup

Episode 8: The Complete Guide on How To Do Your Own PR- with GeekGirl Meetup's Cathy White

Today me & Phil get a complete guide on how to do our own PR from Seedcamp's Communications & Marketing Manager, and host of Geek-Girl Podcast, Cathy White. With her background in leading PR agencies, and getting press in the likes of Techcrunch, she is the ideal candidate to answer all of our lingering PR questions. We discuss:

1. Should you do your own PR vs hiring a PR agency

2. How to catch a journalists' attention and build a relationship

3. How to create a story that the world will share


Episode 7: How we raised £15 million & why it was a mistake- Conrad Poulson

As a founder of multiple million-dollar companies and mentoring batches of startups going through Techstars, Conrad Poulson has a keen eye for how to architecture success. Listen to the episode and find out why successfully raising a lot of investment for his first startup was his biggest mistake. In this episode we discuss:

1. How he raised £15m for Xtempus

2. How to position yourself to win high-hitting partnerships

3. How to not grow TOO quickly - Ikr is that even a thing?


Episode 6:  App marketing masterclass with Moshi Monsters' Ed Relf

Edward Relf is a serial entrepreneur and investor who's racked up 18 industry awards, shedloads of cash, and the respect of tehies everywhere by making Moshi Monsters a household name, and bringing laundry into the 21st century with his latest startup Laundrapp. In this episode we discuss: 

1. Conducting a kpi-centered approach to marketing

2. The most efficient marketing channels

3. How to know when your MVP is ready for launch.

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Episode 5: Starting a business abroad with 91Springboard's Varun Chawla

In this episode we talk to Varun Chawla, founder of the incubator 91Springboard about starting a tech business abroad, and how to streamline & hack your way to success in an international market.

Some of the highlighted learnings include:

1. What markets are ripe for picking in developing countries

2. Me-Too businesses

3. Unforeseen challenges in starting abroad

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Episode 4: Life of a Serial Entrepreneur with Oleg Fomenko

Oleg is a serial entrepreneur who became tired of working in large multinationals and decided to go it alone. After his first self-built product called SMS-Parking didn't take off, Oleg start a rival to Spotify called Bloom.FM which gained over a million users in less than 6 months. His current startup, SweatCoin, is an app that converts movement into a currency.

In this episode we discuss his journey, and some of the highlighted learnings include:

1. How to judge when you should pivot your product

2. The value of a diverse founding team

3. His career advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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Episode 3: Catching a VC's eye with Anton Derlyatka

Raising money is often the most difficult struggles of an entrepreneur, so who better to give us the cheat sheet for raising VC money than a founder of a VC fund himself- Anton Derlyatka. In this episode, Anton walks us through

1. How to secure meetings with top VCs

2. What makes a good pitch

3. Top qualities of founders he's invested in

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Episode 2: The Late Intro

Usually this stuff comes first, but we jumped straight into the action with the first episode so it's now time to tell you about me (Ranbir), Phil and TJ who are behind the podcast. We discuss

1. How we got into starting the podcast

2. How tall TJ really is

3. How Phil wants to destroy Coca Cola and McDonalds

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 Ep 1: Grant funding with Silas 

Episode 1: How I won 18 grants to get my Augmented Reality business off the ground- with Silas Adekunle

Silas Adekunle launched his business Reach Robotics while still in University, and is today poised to disrupt the games industry by bringing Augmented Reality to physical toys. In this episode we discuss:

1. How he secured 18 grants to launch his business

2. How he got press in the likes of Bloomberg and the Financial Times before even launching

3. How he managed being younger than all of the people he employs

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